The Many Faces of Life

 from the not so deep thoughts of Katie Marks

Welcome to my world! I'm a mid 30's wife, mother, part-time corporate worker and full time logical daydreamer. I've been married 11 years to my soulmate, best friend and suga' daddy, Evan, and together we have two children Keaton-4 years and Gracie-3 years. We also have our fur baby Fergie-10 years (human), 70 years (dog). I graduated from college with a degree in Mass Communication/Journalism over a decade ago and Have yet to fully embrace the power of the communications degree, ergo I've done nothing with it.......until now!
When people kept asking me "what are you going to blog about?" My answer is simple: about life because to me life is funny. There always seems to be something crazy that happens that just needs to be shared with the world, or just the few people who may find this blog the slightest bit intriguing. I like to say that I am my own best audience, so if anything I think I'm a hoot! And I hope anyone who's reading this can either relate to my craziness or at least find the parels of my life somewhat funny!   
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